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Marat Eshmuratov
Gulchehra Tuliboyeva


The Republic of Karakalpakstan is in a difficult environmental situation associated with the Aral Sea. Climate change on a global scale creates many negative problems for this region. Therefore, the article aims to investigate the impact of ecological conditions on the food production. The results of the research depicts that the negative effect of the ecological condition on food products is increasing year by year. To solve this concerning problem the government ought to present some strategies so as to decrease the negative influence of ecological problem on food production in the Republic of  Karakalpakstan.

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Eshmuratov , M. ., & Tuliboyeva , G. . (2022). THE INFLUENCE OF ECOLOGICAL CONDITION ON FOOD PRODUCTS IN THE REPUBLIC OF KARAKALPAKSTAN. Eurasian Journal of Academic Research, 2(12), 425–428. извлечено от

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