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Dostonjon Abulkhayirov


The paper is concerned with the most important aspects of the terminology in communication, natural language condition and the special communication condition. The analysis is complemented with cognitive linguistics. In addition, this paper discusses the modern of information extraction method: frame-based terminology. Terminology is specialized in science and many other specialist areas such as politics, culture, technology, chemical technology and the economy. Scholars have defined that the terminology has 3 explanations of the terminology are covered in the paper:

  1. Terminology is technical language;

  2. Terminology is specialized knowledge;

  3. Terminology is professional communication; With the right terminology, we can communicate in the “right way”. The systematic organization and definition of concepts are called terminology management- which also includes classification.

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Abulkhayirov , D. . (2022). MAIN PURPOSES OF THE TERMINOLOGY IN COGNITIVE LINGUISTICS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Евразийский журнал академических исследований, 2(12), 685–688. извлечено от

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