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Hamraev Bunyod
Maxamatjanova Nodira


Psychogenic sexual disorders, their etiopathogenesis, methods of treatment of patients with
this disease have been of interest to scientists for a long time. One of the reasons for such high
interest is that disorders are becoming more common. One of the most frequently observed
types of sexual disorders is erectile dysfunction, the frequency of which increases with age. In
young men, 5-8% are 75-80% at the age of 80. In particular, in the USA this pathology is
observed in more than 10 million men, in Germany - in 3-5 million, in Russia-in about 6
million men. Therefore, the identification and treatment of patients with psychogenic sexual
disorders, the improvement of medical and psychological assistance to them, along with basic
treatment, is one of the urgent problems of modern medicine.

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Hamraev, B., & Maxamatjanova, N. (2023). ETIOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SEXUAL DISEASES. Прикладные науки в современном мире: проблемы и решения, 2(3), 45–46. извлечено от

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