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Umida Bakirova


In accordance with the theoretical concepts of Russian psychology, speech is the most important mental function of a person - a universal means of communication, thinking, and organizing actions. Many studies have established that all mental processes are mediated by speech. Deviations in the development of speech negatively affect the mental development of the child, make it difficult to communicate with others, delay the formation of cognitive processes and, consequently, prevent the formation of a full-fledged personality. The development of the child's personality and further education at school depends on the timeliness and effectiveness of correctional work.

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Bakirova, U. . (2023). PSYCHOLOGICAL STRUCTURE OF SPEECH DISORDERS IN GENERAL UNDERDEVELOPMENT OF SPEECH IN PRESCHOOL AGE. Педагогика и психология в современном мире: теоретические и практические исследования, 2(14), 16–19. извлечено от

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