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Hoeren Thomas
Mokhinur Bakhramova


In this legal scientific podcast article, Professor Thomas Hoeren provides valuable insights into the complex world of digital law. He delves into key aspects such as Cyber Law, Intellectual Property, AI (Artificial Intelligence), E-Commerce, and E-Government. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Professor Hoeren sheds light on the legal challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the legal implications surrounding technology and its impact on society, businesses, and governments.

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Thomas , H., & Bakhramova, M. . (2023). NAVIGATING THE DIGITAL LANDSCAPE: EXPLORING CYBER LAW, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, AI, E-COMMERCE, AND E-GOVERNMENT. Евразийский журнал права, финансов и прикладных наук, 3(10), 118–124. извлечено от

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