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Ochilova Nurzoda
Akmal Ismailov


Organic oily, liquid and various substances applied to the surface of the object are often used in cosmetic works. They firmly adhere to the surface of the object and form a thin film. Such substances and compositions are also called lok-paint or painting materials, which belong to the group of decorative materials. When finishing buildings and structures, protecting them from harmful environments, covering them with hard materials, they provide the properties of the products and structures in the initial period, and increase their durability and construction efficiency. Water is used as a solvent for adhesive water-emulsion paint. Turpentine, solvent oil, white spirit, etc. are mostly used for dissolving lacquer paints.

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Nurzoda , O. ., & Ismailov , A. . (2022). MODERN TECHNOLOGIES OF VARNISH PRODUCTION. Eurasian Journal of Academic Research, 2(12), 247–254. извлечено от

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