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Elnora Melikova


This article investigates the significance of utilizing various teaching methods, like tiered assignments, flexible grouping, and scaffolded support, to meet the diverse learning requirements and preferences of students in educational settings. When instructors take into account individual strengths, interests, and preparedness levels, they can establish inclusive and captivating learning environments that foster academic progress and success. This article combines research discoveries and practical approaches to effectively apply differentiated instruction in classrooms, aiming to enhance student learning results.

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Melikova , . E. (2024). ENHANCING STUDENT LEARNING: STRATEGIES FOR ACCOMMODATING DIVERSE LEARNER NEEDS THROUGH DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION. Педагогика и психология в современном мире: теоретические и практические исследования, 3(3), 28–30. извлечено от https://in-academy.uz/index.php/zdpp/article/view/29420

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