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Maryash Jollibekova


Numbers play a significant role in language and culture, often appearing in proverbs to convey wisdom, beliefs, and values. This use of numbers in proverbs is found across various languages, including English and Karakalpak. The article presents the use of numbers in proverbs in these two languages, highlighting their cultural significance and providing examples to illustrate their impact on language and communication. By examining how numbers are integrated into proverbs in English and Karakalpak, we can gain insight into the unique ways in which different cultures express common themes and ideas through the use of numerical language.

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Jollibekova , M. . (2024). THE USE OF NUMBERS IN PROVERBS IN ENGLISH AND KARAKALPAK LANGUAGES. Наука и технология в современном мире, 3(3), 44–45. извлечено от

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